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Merton, "awake" (in the jargon of the day), responds to one he assumes is an enthusiastic, fighter of the "powers that be."  Perhaps you will find this interesting?


Dear Fellow DA writer,

I take it, from your poem and profile that you are "awake?"  I've been a searcher all my life, but I've been watching, searching, discerning, reading, praying, etc., in regards to this sort of hard to put one's finger on thing that is happening to our world and our species for about four or five years now.   

I had a premonition that something big was going to happen to me or to our world (or both) at the beginning of this process.  Since I tend to get premonitions and precognate things in dreams, I paid attention and opened my mind, eyes and ears.  When I was in my twenties, I dreamed for nearly a decade of empty apartment buildings... furniture there, doors standing open... no (or few) people.  And, there have been all sorts of mystical experiences along the way.  Long and short, I try to pay attention when I am given guidance.  

It is all rather complex, confusing, and one does not know for sure what to believe about what is happening in our world.  It does seem, at the very least, that humanity is on the verge of (and longing for) us to make the next big step... to leave behind a paradigm that is not working very well. And, once one has taken the red pill, I am afraid one has taken it.  

I continue to try to keep an open mind, read and watch things from all sorts of sources (certainly not just mainstream news), etc.  It will be interesting to see what does or does not happen to our world, and sad to see what inevitably will happen if we do nothing (and try to go on as we have in the past).  The latter is just not going to work, since doing so will mean the destruction of us as a species and our planet.  

It is not easy being awake (and sometimes I get overwhelmed), but there we have it.  I do think that our world system does not work well and is probably controlled by all sorts of shadow forces (conspiracy theorist as that makes me sound).  I would only say that we must be careful not to demonize each other.  

I do understand your feeling of wanting to fight those I assume you feel to be the powers that be.  It is my hope that even many of the ptb will be awakened, too, and make (along with all of humanity) a new earth and new way to live that is not totalitarian (and respects freedom, spirit and individuality).  Maybe that is naive.  But I still hope.

I think I will make a journal/deviation out of my response above to you, as I often do.  I will not refer to you directly, but since the Muse gave me all this to type out, maybe others may enjoy it, identify with it, be given thoughts etc.

Peace to my brother human, creator, writer.

-Merton :)

Merton, "awake" (in the jargon of the day), responds to one he assumes is an enthusiastic, fighter of the "powers that be." Perhaps you will find this interesting?
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July 18, 2012
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